Monday, January 23, 2012


So I put the pictures in the wrong order....I'm not changing them! We stayed in Utah this year for Christmas and had a great time. We did lots of little things at home to celebrate and enjoy with the kids. I did all our Christmas shopping in November basically so we just relaxed and hung out together. Here are our photos:)
Madison tooting her horn in Grandma's shirt. The girl changes her clothes at least 5 times a day now. Mostly from one pair of p.j.'s to another.
Little BFF's the entire time.
Brax and Maycee

Kaitlyn and Teddy.
We're so glad he came up for the visit too.
Lounging around after dinner.
The kids loved giving Grandpa "hot potatoes" every time they saw him.
Shannon and Brynne the little walker.

We had a TERRIBLE wind storm one night.
I often wake up worrying about my wreaths on the door. Is that crazy? I usually try to fight it but end up going downstairs in the middle of the night and taking it down so it doesn't get ruined or blown away. This time I was too late!!!!! So sad too cause I made this wreath just a month ago:( I did vacuum it and it seems OK just not like it used to be.
Nathalie and I took our kids to see Puss in Boots...
at he good old dollar theatre. I love that place!
David and Kayla moved to Ogden so we got together with them.
Madison loves baby Scout!
Madison got twins with a stroller from Santa:)
Braxton got a Samuri castle:)
Oh Santa you always know just what to get!
More fun stuff...

Random cute pic.
Kid's tree and a nativity we made from the Friend magazine.
My first homemade ornament.
Braxton made it for me at school and brought it home wrapped.
I have to admit I cried a little when I opened it.
I helped out at his Polar Express Party at school.
Riding the Polar Express
Some decorations we made.
Mind you Braxton and Madison made. The pink tree is hers. She picked out everything on it, I simply glued. She 's definitely my child.
Their finished gingerbread houses.
Braxton has a snowboarder out front and Santa (the red m&m) on the roof climbing towards the chimney(marshmallow).
What a creative little boy.
Some pictures from a gingerbread house making party I put on at the clubhouse.
It was really, really fun!
This might have to be a tradition.

We were ALL ready to go!
Nathalie helped me assemble all 26 houses the night before.
Santa at our ward party.
Waiting in line to see Santa.
Brax had to wear his new suit coat that he earned at the primary program for memorizing his part and not being scared to say it.
Decorating their own tree.

We really had a great, great Christmas. We shared many memories with family and we were very blessed. My parents gave us all a homemade quilt handmade by his sister and niece. It is really incredible and we will have it forever. As Fancy Nancy says, "It is an heirloom!" OK, I have read that book one to many times! We hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday too.