Monday, January 23, 2012


Just a few fun things the kids have said.

-every time we get in the car she says, "Daddy put your seat belt on"! You'd think that it would be a habit by now. He gets annoyed, actually it's pretty funny.
-she also makes sure Bubba puts his timer on when he plays the xbox...he is only allowed 30 min a day.
-she finally got her 2 year old molars last month (she is almost 3). One day she had a pretty bad fever and we were "all snugly on the couch" (when we are in our jammies under a blanket) and she looked at me and asked, "Why do my teeth hurt right here?" as she pointed to the back of her mouth. It was so sad! I've never seen a child old enough to ask about pain and know right where it was coming from. Poor girl, that broke my heart.
-she has been doing new things all on her own almost daily. I don't want her to grow up. it's to soon.

-while reading a book about germs one night he looked at me and asked, "When am I gonna get the chicken pox?" Almost pleading. Then he followed up with, "Is it like when you get little chickens all over your body?" I laughed out loud and then explained that they aren't good:) And I hoped he never would get them!
-a young teenage girl spoke in church a few weeks ago and we were sitting on the second row. Right when she got up Braxton looked at me and said, "Way to much eyeshadow, huh?!" I had already noticed that but it was awesome when he did too.
-then the next day we watched Anastasia and he said, "Her eyebrows look kind of waxed don't they?" Hilarious. Maybe my kids know too much about my work, but I'm just trying to give them good taste:)

I've been reading like crazy lately. I've discovered that being in a book club is super fun.
We had a terrible thing happen to us last month. Brady and I tried and failed to transfer our home videos to our computer. Something went wrong with the transfer and we lost all our videos from the past 2 years. I brought it into Best Buy and after 2 hours they said they couldn't fix it. I started bawling right away and continued every now and then for the next couple days. How could this happen? I was so good a capturing different stages and it was really important to us to have those memories. It feels soo terrible I can't even explain. I am just sick over it. The only thing that consoles me is that I am just as good as taking pictures. I hope that never happens to anyone, EVER.


Dr. Travis White said...

The things that Brax says cracked me up, I will not lie to you! Where does e come up with this stuff! He should have been the sat of Kids Say The Darnedest Things!

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Mary Paine said...

Wao, your blog is fun filled. Your family , especially Madison, is very interesting. Thank you for sharing your life with me. I love to read too and have just finished The Last Pagan, a very interesting book about the fall of African religion and the enthronement of corruption in Africa. See preview