Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Left out Pictures

Brady went to the Patriots vs Broncos game in December with some people he works with.
Go Tom Brady!

Watching games during the Christmas Break.
He is never in the mood for pictures.
Madison and Hayden playing around.
Aubree came for a few days and took the kids
on another Donut Day.
Doesn't this look like a "coming out" picture.
Ha ha
Kaitlyn and Maycee came to our house for a day.
Madison was really having fun I promise.
She loves to have a straight face for pictures.
My wreath before the storm ruined it.
You should never chew gum while
getting your picture taken Madison!
Giving the evil look...
with morning hair.
Even evil-er.
The rest of the pictures are from Thanksgiving in California.
Us hanging out at Aunt Martha's.
The "pink cage train" at Disneyland.
This kid could play games all day and night.
Brooke had the kids over for dinner, treats, a fashion show, and sleepover.
Madison talks about it almost daily.
She had so much fun!


Dr. Travis White said...

Madison is a little cute pie! Oh, I just love Brax and Madi so much! Words cannot describe it! Y'all have the most amazing kids ever!

harada57 said...
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